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The 'Total Cost of Ownership' Concept in Entrance Control

Posted on Thu, Jan 29, 2015

Proposing a scorecard to redefine the investment and total cost of ownership of entrance controls

Many security equipment projects go “out to bid” in order to help ensure fair pricing for security equipment buyers. Sometimes an RFP/RFQ is generated to solicit bids or quotes on a project. These RFP’s/RFQ’s may come from a professional security consulting engineer or simply from an end user looking to get the best bang for his buck. The danger, however, is that competitive bid situations can actually lead to higher costs to buyers when cheaper, less quality-built products that are offered in the proposals turn out to cost a great deal more in the long term. Sometimes financially strained integrators or manufacturers will “throw a low price together” in order to win the project at very low margins, thereby making their financial situation even worse. Then they will try to make up the lost margin by using cheaper components, unqualified installation labor, or by skipping critical steps in either the manufacture, installation, or integration.

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Going Beyond Video Surveillance to Create More Value

Posted on Tue, Jan 27, 2015

Known as Music City USA, Nashville attracts artists from nearly every genre of music and from all corners of the globe. The community boasts approximately 200 recording studios as well as the supporting spinoff industries such as record companies, booking agencies, publishing companies, trade publications, and so on.

Housed in a renovated 1930’s manor house situated on a 32-acre estate just south of the city, The Castle is the most innovative and successful recording studio in the area and one of the most recognized in the world. More than 450 Gold and Platinum artists representing Rock, Pop, Country, R&B and Gospel have recorded here, citing the serenity of the 34-acre surroundings as creative and inspirational. Many are also reported to have found that the original rock structure and hardwood interiors brought out a warm rich sound in their recordings.

Beyond Video Surveillance

In addition to the high tech digital recording capabilities, laid-back environment, and pleasing acoustics, what sets The Castle apart from other recording studios is their creative and innovative use of video to bring fans around the world closer to their artists and music. The facility has leveraged their installation of Samsung HD quality cameras, typically used for video surveillance applications, for a range of savvy marketing, promotions, and documentary events.

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IP Security Device – Health and Monitoring

Posted on Thu, Jan 22, 2015

“Bad news boss, the supply yard was broken into in Mississauga last night. Looks like that big shipment of copper wire is gone.”

Eyebrows raised, the reply was sharp and swift, “ALL of it?”

“All of it. Before you ask, the yard manager is putting together the numbers, but it looks like it was around $85K. They had just received a replenishment shipment for the territory.”

“Well, at least we should have some decent video at that site. The cameras were upgraded, what, a year ago? We should get some good images of the perps?”

Having already attempted to retrieve video from the site, the security operations center employee braced himself for the impending deluge, already cringing. The investigation had ground to a halt before it had even started and he wasn’t looking forward to being the bearer of bad news: multiple hard drive failures in the on-site NVR had rendered the site without recorded video for several weeks, yet nobody had known. “Well, there’s a problem…”

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) Access Control Solutions: Unraveling the Truth

Posted on Wed, Jan 21, 2015

By Garrett Lovejoy, Senior Product Manager, Electronic Access Control ASSA ABLOY Americas

Thanks to rapid advances in technology and the deployment of structured cabling with power, in many buildings, many facets of access control can now be managed over an IP network using Power over Ethernet, or PoE.

While it’s important for you to strongly consider PoE solutions, it’s equally important to recognize that not all PoE solutions are created equally.

Recognizing the differences enables you to advocate on your customers’ behalf accordingly.

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Wide Area Surveillance Greatly Improves Overall Safety and Security

Posted on Tue, Jan 13, 2015

High definition megapixel cameras can cover larger areas with fewer cameras while delivering superior detail and improving overall security operations. This translates into lower infrastructure costs and improved overall return on investment (ROI), enabling users to deploy less expensive video systems with megapixel cameras while achieving better performance and functionality. These efficiencies become even more compelling when deploying panoramic view megapixel camera systems.

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The Value of An Open Platform for VMS

Posted on Thu, Jan 08, 2015

Is “Simple” Integration Enough?
by Tim Palmquist, Vice President, Americas for Milestone Systems

Today, many video surveillance systems are capable of simple integration. An example of simple integration would be the linking of a camera with an access control system so they can activate one another upon an alert or event. Such integrations are functional but tend to be unwieldy, requiring the operator to use two (or more) application interfaces.

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Why Do You Need a Great Conversation? Because You Are a Leader

Posted on Tue, Jan 06, 2015

On March 2 and 3 in Seattle, a community of leaders will gather at The Great Conversation. They have chosen to share transparently, and many times, from the heart as well as the head. They know that their journey is at once unique and common to others in their position and in their industry.

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The Great Conversation Forum and Review

Posted on Wed, Nov 12, 2014

After finishing two intense days (October 27 and 28 in Virginia), with their peers reviewing best practices, innovations, and case studies, the executives invited to The Great Conversation and the Next Generation Security Leader program agreed, the forum impacted them in profound ways.

The forum started with the Security Executive Council’s (SEC) Next Generation Security Leader (NGSL) program. Francis D’Addario, SEC Emeritus Faculty Lead and former CSO of Starbucks, facilitated close to 100 senior executives through a powerful series of sessions designed to inform, inspire, and create the context for innovation within their risk, resilience, and security programs.

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Video Surveillance Ensures Safety, Security, and the Customer Experience

Posted on Thu, Oct 23, 2014

The Ice Palace is a multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Built in 1999, the Ice Palace has served as the home arena for SKA St. Petersburg and been primarily used for ice hockey games. Beyond ice hockey, the arena hosts concerts, fairs, circus shows, exhibitions, and acts as a skating rink. The five-story building can hold up to 12,300 people.

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13 Steps to a Successful PSIM Implementation

Posted on Tue, Oct 21, 2014

Authored by Bob Banerjee, Senior Director, Training and Development, NICE

I was asked a few weeks back to host a webinar. When I was told I could pick my own topic, it got me to thinking. I speak at security conferences throughout the year and host PSIM Workshops as well. The one question that always comes up is:

“What can I do to make my PSIM deployment successful?”

So to answer this question, I went on a fact finding mission. My methodology was simple: I interviewed organizations and consultants that had implemented PSIM to gather the lessons they learned along the way. The result is list of best practices that were common sense but surprisingly insightful as well. I’ve summarized some of these below.

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