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ID World Points to Converging Trends between Security and Identity

Posted on Tue, Nov 15, 2011

As mentioned in Sage News, Tom Miller attended and moderated a number of panels at ID World 2011 in Milan, Italy. Tom moderated the CEO investor forum as well as spoke at the Healthtech Innovation Conference and participated on a panel on Identity in Cloud Computing and Tracking in Healthcare.

ID WorldAs at past conferences, the content, quality of speakers and audience networking and exchange offered high value to attendees. Tom offered a couple of insights into the conversations that were taking place:

  • Citizen identification and border control, biometrics and security technologies are often used to exclude “bad” people. However, what is apparent in many of the emerging regions of the world is that citizens are relying on the rollout of these same technologies, not to be excluded but to be included by being given an identity that qualifies them for government services. In many countries for the first time, the unknowns or untouchables can now have an identity enabling them to secure a loan, drive a car, and obtain healthcare and other services.

  • Many of the technologies (which previously were applied to only business or industrial applications) are accelerating because of consumer, end user demand for solutions. For example consumers are using their smartphone equipped with Near Field Communications (RFID) for mobile payments; the same device is being used to read QR Codes at a retailer to learn about particular products; it is also being used as the preferred device by physicians to access patient history. As a result security for the device and the data and information on the device, requires IT organizations to respond by implementing higher levels of authentication and secure options. This Consumerization of IT is dramatically impacting enterprise and business systems with issues and opportunities that previously were unheard of and is the key driver of industry growth and acceptance of these technologies.

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