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The Cloud will Create a New Value Proposition

Posted on Thu, May 03, 2012

great conversation logoContinuing the Conversation with Shayne Bates

Shayne Bates is a thought leader for the application of cloud services to the needs of the physical security industry. Bates is also an advisor to Microsoft Global Security.

Bates was interviewed at The Great Conversation event after his participation in the Microsoft breakout session entitled: Physical Security - Cloud Computing Strategy Workshop.

In this video interview, Bates underlines the need for the physical security ecosystem to look at the cloud as the means to a new and much different discussion around organizational value, not only for security practioners, but also for the ecosystem of technology vendors and service providers.

But he also challenges them to raise their game. He tells them to determine what they are going to be the best in the world at, and then partner with others to ensure the value they deliver.

He also emphasizes that the cloud is a 'Scalable Proposition', that is, it applies to the 2 man operation to the Fortune 50. And, ultimately, it is a portal into a multitude of value opportunities that members of the security ecosystem can leverage as risk advisors to the business.


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