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A Conversation with the FBI's Arnold Bell

Posted on Tue, Aug 21, 2012

Domestic Security Alliance Council (DSAC)

The Great ConversationThe Sage Group partnered with Cygnus to produce a series of interviews at The Great Conversation in Seattle in March of this year.

Arnold Bell, Program Director of the Domestic Security Alliance Council (DSAC) of the FBI, spoke as a keynote at the conference. Cygnus' editors were able to sit down with him at the event to discuss DSACs role in the security ecosystem.

Bell sees DSAC as an executive outreach between a public agency and a private company. "Our touch points are the senior security officers", he said. DSAC is composed of companies that are part of the Fortune 1000; that is, they have over $1B in revenue, have an executive security and risk officer and have an intelligence component to their program.

Executive members are able to have direct access to senior level staff, and, depending on the situation, access to the FBI's director.  As well, the FBI has access to the private company and their senior level officers. DSAC has 'intelligence products' that are created by the FBI and DHS. These are communicated to the member body. As well, when incidents strike one member, the data is repackaged and shared with other members of the community who may be impacted. Additionally, member companies communicate among themselves as well.

DSAC is geared to companies and their executive teams. For security professionals on an individual level, the FBI has InfraGard with approximately 47,000 members. 

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