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A New Approach to Integration for Security

Posted on Wed, Nov 14, 2012

ASISAt the recent ASIS 2012 show in Philadelphia, General Dynamics Information Technology unveiled their new approach to security information management.

I was personally interviewed by Cygnus Security magazine at their exhibit as they launched the first version of their Global Security Operations Center (GSOC). 

During the show, General Dynamics IT asked me to present information from my interviews with the security ecosystem (Security Executives, Security Consultants, Integrators and Technology Vendors).



My key points in interviews with CIOs and CSOs and through industry analysts we know:

  • Budgets are flat or declining.
  • Infrastructure (people, processes and tools) represent the greatest portion of their budgets.
  • Both IT and security are being asked to contribute more value for less. However, innovation is difficult unless current budgets can be realigned.
  • The global and local risk picture is expanding.
  • Performance Management must be in place to measure the people, processes and tools (technology) to be able to articulate the value. The question of "did we move the needle?" is more urgent than ever.
  • Every organization demands from their mission critical core functions the right information, at the right time, in the right context. Security is no different than supply chain logistics, enterprise resource planning or finance in that regard.

This is driving CIOs and CSOs to respond to these strategic value drivers by looking for rapid application development tools and commercial off the shelf technologies that will help them turn the dead weight of infrastructure into a more resilient and adaptable value engine.

General Dynamics IT's response was to do three things:

  • Build their integration platform on top of a proven, scalable and secure stack. They chose Microsoft. And they chose Microsoft SharePoint as their business process, document management and performance management vehicle. The Fortune 1000 considers this a proven and adaptable platform, and it continues to become more robust over time.
  • Build the 'standards' into the protocols creating a continuous compliant system.
  • Work within the industry to create a readily deployable environment using standard web services as the integration vehicle.
  • Finally, create an integration lab that can take the 'use cases', the critical core processes that will extract and exploit the value needed, and align them with the technology that will create the common operating picture, thereby proofing and substantiating the solutions before they are deployed.

The message is resonating. I have been sitting in on their presentations and the common response is "We had no idea this approach was even available." So General Dynamics Information Technology is redefining integration in the next stage of the security market.





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