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Do You Measure Up as a Next Generation Security Leader?

Posted on Mon, Apr 01, 2013

The Great ConversationDave Komendat, the Chief Security Officer of The Boeing Company, spoke at the Next Generation Security Leader Program and The Great Conversation in early March. His core message: You must be able to articulate the story of your value.

To do this, Komendat partnered with the Security Executive Council to drive a change of culture within his own organization.

In the following video, you will see a leader truly transparent about his journey to articulate the value of his people, processes and tools. The journey he believes is not only necessary but a duty to the organization and its people.

As well, you will hear about some surprising but clear metrics that underlined the value the company has to its own employees: A matter of life and death.

The Great Conversation hosted over 300 executives; over 80 from the NGSL program. The two day series of events was declared the ‘best ever’ by a number of executives who had been attending for the last 5 years.

Other speakers included the Chief Security Officer of Microsoft, Mike Howard, and his leader, the Vice President of Finance and Administration, Frank Brod. We will discuss both of those keynotes in an upcoming  blog.

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