The Sage NetworkSM

The ability for any company to be able to find professional expertise at the time of need, at the place of need and within the context of a very specific time and need, is problematic. The Sage Group® has the ability to tap into a powerful network of professionals from a variety of disciplines that result in competitive advantage for our clients. Sage ensures the quality and the continuity by vetting them within the context of our Path to Value® methodology. The disciplines include:

  • Executive Assessment: Sage believes in setting baselines of performance and benchmarking against standards within the industry. We provide a number of approaches in assessing the leadership quotient of the executive and his team, providing the clarity needed to take positive action toward their goals.
  • Value Stream Mapping: Sometimes operations are puzzled by their inability to compress their core processes and squeeze productivity from their people. This process helps identify for all employees what is causing friction and what will create velocity and creates the framework for change.
  • Executive Recruitment: Sage’s network is powerful. Our ability to source talent allows us to re-vitalize a company
  • Corporate Valuations: Sage employs a network of valuation professionals to ensure that our clients know where they stand before we begin to help them build value.
  • Corporate Legal Structuring: Sometimes partnerships need to be restructured or competencies segmented and targeted through a different model.
  • Succession Planning: Businesses are an asset. They rarely are multi-generational. But when they are, Sage can assist in positioning and preparing the business in such a way that value is sustained, if not improved.
  • Due Diligence Support: When businesses do require positioning for an acquisition, Sage can provide a team to prepare and facilitate the actions of both parties creating the environment for success
  • Strategic Branding and Advertising: Our team of experts, from strategic brand positioning to lead generation platforms can lift the position and strength of a business
  • Product and Service Pricing/Positioning Strategies: You are launching a new service or product but lack the ability to understand the full extent of the value. Our team can provide insights that prevent you from over or under strategies that dilute your value.
  • Financial Forensics: Who hasn’t stared at their P&L with frustration around cash flow and predictive financial controls? This assessment points to the low hanging fruit that can kill or turn a business.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Through the Sage Investor GridSM and the Path to ValueSM this should always be a highly predictive event. The ‘Grid’ creates the opportunity to align performance objectives with potential investor objectives creating the dynamic for a strategic value event.
  • Intellectual Property Assessment, Strategy and Execution: The IP Path to ValueSM developed with one of our Sage Network Alliances, is transforming the way companies align around their intellectual property
  • Wealth Management: Just as Sage increases the value of the business, our Wealth team of professionals ensures the owner and his executive team have the clarity and tools to manage the outcome that Sage can help design and achieve.