The Great Conversation: An Overview


The Great Conversation in Security is designed and produced by The Sage Group with the support of local hosts to advance the value of all the stakeholders in the risk, resilience and security industry. We do this through a strategically organized and executed leadership event. A ‘Great Conversation’ demands attention to relationships. The best ideas come from the collective strength of the stakeholders in the industry: Security and Risk Executives and their teams, Consultants, Analysts, Technology Vendors and Integrators. We listen to their questions, challenges and their answers. This is the starting point. Then we search for the threads that seem to bind them together, creating the theme for The Great Conversation. To ensure each moment is valuable, we have created an intense two-day format with the following essential components:

– The Security Executive Council's Next Generation Security Leader Program: The Security Executive Council has developed a one-day leadership forum, The Next Generation Security Leader™ program (NGSL).  A number of the industry’s “most influential leaders in security" collaborated with thought leaders and security executives to create this curriculum that guides the next generation of security leaders.  NGSL arms current and emerging leaders with the needed tools for professional development and continuous organizational improvement.

– Main Stage Key Notes: We identify thought leaders who can address the key questions & issues facing security executives and their teams. Leadership, transformation efforts, unique collaborations, emerging disruptions in technology or best practices, and new innovations are prevailing themes.

– Industry Case Studies: where we attempt to replay a particular problem or opportunity faced by a company, how it was identified, framed, resourced and, ultimately addressed. Sponsors of these events are asked to assemble or represent the team that was involved in the effort.

– Panel Discussions: where industry subject matter experts and leaders answer specific questions related to the thematic issues that are on the minds of the security community.

– The Solutions Hall: where technology and service vendors exhibit and align their products with the issues and opportunities of our Great Conversation stakeholders

The Themes we focus our forum around include:

LEADERSHIP: Next generation leaders in security must have the language and tools to lead innovation and change, as well as manage and measure their security programs. Leaders are seeking to optimize their approach to create higher levels of resiliency, security, and accountability.

THE COMMON OPERATING PICTURE: CSOs, CISOs, CTOs, and their teams are telling us they need a 360 degree view of the risk picture. They also must collect, organize, and interpret data – turning it into actionable information. This forum provides the tools for building a platform – optimizing people, processes, and tools to provide a common operating view of the business.

TECHNOLOGY: The technology ecosystem is rapidly converging.  Security executives need a new level of understanding, positioning, and leverage to mitigate risk and drive organizational value. It is critical to define the technology roadmap so leaders can appropriate budgeted dollars to real time solutions.