How We Help

The Sage Group® is a value transformation company. We help identify and unlock the true expressions of value as reflected by your organization as well as from external indicators that define your market.

The following process can be pictured as a highway, with multiple on-ramps depending on your situation:

We begin with the Mind of the OwnerSM their goals and aspirations, their wants as well as their needs. We then deploy our Mind of the MarketSM uncovering the market ecosystem; mapping, and articulating the market dynamic that determines success or failure. We look at revenue acceleration drivers, channels, formal and informal alliances, and emerging cutomer value propositions. Concurrently we explore the Mind of the InvestorSM to understand the flow of investment capital and acquisitions that will determine the emerging value of the company and the emerging competitive landscape. Finally we take the results of the Mind of the Market and Mind of the Investor and overlay them against the Mind of the CompanySM providing clarity on how the assets of the company are being effectively deployed against the ‘value’ opportunity.

We call the structured seven-point methodology of value transformation, the Path to Value®. Fundamentally, it’s about building strategic value, intentionally.

To prepare for the concept of building value, Sage can deploy a cost effective Health of the CompanySM assessment that delivers key risk factors the company is or will be facing. Sage can then deliver strategic options on how to mitigate the risks and secure the core of the business.

Then Sage can begin to assist the executive team in the strengthening of key operational functions from Finance and Operations to Sales and Marketing. We call this the Path to ExcellenceSM: a highly coordinated collaboration between Sage and the executive team to improve the velocity, veracity and value of each core process in the company.

From this platform of excellence the company can begin to establish the strategic value drivers that will secure the wealth of the business.