The Sage Group® is highly intentional about discovering and exploiting the value inside our client’s company. To do this, Sage developed The Path to Value® to guide the leadership team through a disciplined approach to ensuring strategic value. Over the course of roughly 18 to 36 months, Sage orchestrates the value transformation effort associated with its market-tested seven-point process.

To prepare for the concept of building value, Sage can deploy a cost effective ‘Health of the CompanySM assessment that delivers key risk factors the company is or will be facing. Sage can then deliver strategic options on how to mitigate the risks and secure the core of the business.

Then Sage can begin to assist the executive team in the strengthening of key operational functions from Finance and Operations to Sales and Marketing. We call this the Path to ExcellenceSM: a highly coordinated collaboration between Sage and the executive team to improve the velocity, veracity and value of each core process in the company.

From this platform of excellence the company can begin to establish the strategic value drivers that will secure the wealth of the business along the Path to Value™.

The Owner’s Plan: Every business has a value. Every owner must have a plan for growing and realizing that value. This plan starts with the identification of the owner’s needs as well as the owner’s “wants” or dreams that drive them. The Owner’s Plan captures the key objectives that govern the pace, direction and intensity associated with the build-up of the company’s value.

Assess: Sage leads a comprehensive internal and external ‘deep-dive’ assessment from three distinct perspectives; mind of the market, mind of the investor and mind of the company. Sage assesses the state of the market and its competitive landscape, the investor community and the flow of capital within the industry, and the capability, competency and capacity of the company to address strategic repositioning for value.

The result of this assessment produces a clear ‘as-is’ picture validating the owner’s and company’s goals and provides the necessary insights to create the strategic architecture for the company’s repositioning.

Strategy: Strategy is the “art” of the generals. It involves information and applied knowledge, but also creative insight and wisdom to win. Sage’s perspective spans the entire market ecosystem to provide the leadership team with clarity and confidence when designing the optimized value strategy. Sage assists the owner in the development of the company’s strategic and operational plans.

Build: Execution is the purposeful and deliberate means to the end. It employs best practices, great people, collaborative teams, and highly measurable outcomes. Sage helps ensure that what is designed can also be built.

Prepare: Sage believes in a persistent and ongoing due diligence to ensure that the value built can be articulated to current and future investors.

Execute: Every strategic team must be able to mark its goal and claim it. Execute is the stage where the long-range goals have been met and are celebrated. Whether that is an industry ranking, an IPO, or a successfully managed merger, Sage helps the company achieve the goal.

Integrate: Every value event must be integrated into a higher purpose for the company and its people to continue to prosper. With this final step, the architecture is laid to begin The Path to Value once again by helping ensure the value described is the value realized.