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The Sage Group announces 'The Great Conversation in Security'

Posted on Fri, Feb 10, 2012

The Sage Group will be producing another 'Great Conversation' at Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle, Washington on March 6 from 7:30am - 5:00pm.

Hosted by Aronson Security Group, a end-to-end integrator of all-hazards risk and security solutions, the event has become known as one of the premier showcases of thought leadership and best-in-class technology in the risk and security market. describe the image

Ron Worman, the Founder and CEO of The Sage Group, will be the emcee of the event, helping to facilitate the discussions throughout the day.

The Great Conversation is a format designed to bring the entire ecosystem of a market together to leverage new ideas and practical solutions that will drive the value of all the participants.

The Great Conversation in Security features all five elements of the value stream most security executives must integrate to be successful:

1. The Risk Profile and Organizational Alignment: This guides all programs, technologies and the operational execution of the risk and security executive

2. Identity, Information and Intelligence: The identification, aggregation, federation, communication and reporting of the data, information and intelligence that forms the backbone of all strategic and tactical decisions. This includes the guidance and leverage of an information technology architecture.

3. Security Process Optimization: This step provides the baseline of performance by identifying the people, process and tools needed to achieve the strategies and objectives of the organization. With this baseline a roadmap that guides the implementation of technology and programs can be articulated. As well, and most importantly, the organization is able to articulate the progress and value of security.

4. Design, Build, Implement: Critical step. From the roadmap, an organization will identify a core process by which solutions are designed, built, implemented and measured.

5. Operate and Maintain: The real work begins. You must have a team in place that comprehensively understands the four other steps before you put their hands on the wheel.

Given representation at the thought leadership and vendor level in all 5 of these areas, executives are taking advantage of the intense one day format to bring their entire team.

"Sage understands every market and every company has a Path to Value", said Ron Worman. "Very few forums or events are able to articulate this in such a short time frame. We look forward to teaming with Microsoft Global Security our Diamond Sponsor and Aronson Security Group for another Great Conversation."




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