Value Stream of Security Whitepaper

Continuity: The connected whole. Whether it is Webster or Wikipedia, the spirit and intent of the word is clear. There is a force multiplier when disparate forces come together to create a contiguous whole. 

We all have roles inside our organizations. Our roles are joined with other roles inside a process. Processes are designed to produce outcomes. They usually have steps or activities that are triggered by inputs or outputs. We call these processes Value Streams

What is a Value Stream? The term has been around for a while in business process disciplines.  Generically, a Value Stream is a collection of processes that are designed to achieve a result for an internal or external customer. 

What is gradually being revealed, is the dysfunction inherent in the engagement of resources internal and external. We are facing an inflection point that significantly changes the paradigm of the historic security value stream; a new value proposition is emerging.

The Sage Group has interviewed members of the security ecosystem from risk and continuity consultants, technology architects, business process optimization experts, and integrators. We have found that there is no clear line of shared communication and management through the physical security value stream. We have attempted to describe it in this informative whitepaper and look forward to the peer review that will surely follow.